INTERVIEW – Dada Afrik

Dada Afrik

Dada Afrik is a dancehall artist from Kenya. Her work can be found on youtube and reverbnation.

Where are you from, What was it like growing up?

am from Nairobi central. was tough, was brought up by a single parent after they divorced with ma dad at a tender age though ma mum was there for me.

What kind of hustles were people involved in?

hustles mmmmh….trying to earn a living in a jobless environment since da goverment of kenya doesnt take care of the youths

What does hip hop mean to you, What made you get involved in Hip Hop?

hip pop means expressions of feelings artistically azin musically…ba dats tough one.. hip hop i got involved since i used to feel da artists wen i was still young. i used to go to wapi concerts involving hip pop n arts!…..

What do the words ‘kazi’, ‘vijana’ and ‘mshamba’ mean to you?

kazi means work, vijana any1 who is young…mshamba….. … who knows less about town lyf mae be…hehehehehe

What is ‘politicking’?

Politicking, wow tough amswer dat from me

What is ‘mental slavery’?

…lol i dont know how to phrase it, mental slavery you..
do tings people tell you ba not wat you tink you should do…

How are hiphop artists making money from their music today?

concerts,n selling music online.

How do politics and your own personal values impact your work?

politics are dirty n i never want to get involved in dirty works so they affect me

Besides rappers, who else do you see ‘doing’ hip hop, other artists, dancers, graffiti artists, activists, hustlas, etc. ?

wow everyone can be hip hop, dapends with how they project they art

Name your favorite musical artists, who are you listening to sasa ?

lil wayne.

What are some obstacles you have encountered during your involvement in the hip hop scene(s)?

tough for a lady to get into hip hop in kenya

Why do you think there aren’t as many femcees?

…they less femcees cos of fear n discouragement from the industry

How have women contributed to hip hop in East Africa?

….women have contibuted big time they have empowerd young girls to come out from the hiding

What can you say about the Mau Mau kambi?

mau mau wow greatest hip pop group to inspire me…i love they art

What type of community organizations, informal or formal are helping vijana in East Africa leo?

am working with amref kenya to fight against drugs in kenya….thou the project in still young.

What hustles are you working on now? is there such a thing as hip hop jobs? or only hustling? (Talk about any of your projects, musical or otherwise)

Am workin on ma album to get out thou piracy in kenya is too much thus you find earnin less,

How are you interacting with artists across the globe and also particularly in East Afrika?

doing collaboz with east africa artist wait to see….

Is there such a thing as hip hop jobs? Ama only hustling?

gettin involved wit arts have created jobs for them…youtube,musical shops they will find plus media houses…….will malizia the rest kesho av to go

Asante sana,



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