Poems by Mwas Mahugu aka Gas Fyatu

Mwas Mahugu1

Mwas Mahugu (street name Gas Fyatu) is a writer from Nairobi. You can read more of his work in Kwani. Peep his interview.


Has anyone swam in the river
Shivers, beer to liver
Cold as ice
Yet a furnace, sewer, rats, dark, roaches
Pet-a surface, alleys, cats, death poaches
Daily strife. Dusk to dawn
You sink, it stinks, you drown, and it’s a Town
A Nation, an Ocean of people,
A Continent of the simple-crippled by the strong waves
In abundance of food, famine rule
Despair, Diseases, forgotten
(Music)Abba dance of paradise
Like a drum, police pronounced kicks
Slums announce sick…..
People. Struggle a breast, poverty a nipple
Poor man a tick, rich man a hippo
Am Hip Hop, Rasta, Pastor, a prophet, a soldier, a voice?
A swimmer in this dusty river
Call it river Idd Amin or Hitler
They are crowning the King, am drowning
When I resurface a bee sting
On my forehead. My age mates are dead,
AIDS, Hunger, Crime, stray bullets
Single Mothers, stray shots
Running water, pot leaking
River concrete jungle, ghetto, a lion jungle
To be free, climb on treetop
It takes two to tangle.
Written on 24th-12-2005


Can a Man live like this?
Everyday of his life and strife
Breathe a -dew, which dries with sunrise
A death which resurrect on a new day
A leaf that shine, its youth pale
They say it is a Sea. Now I see
We sail with hope
When the sea is calm or rough
Yes we Love, moan, groan, we laugh
Yes we cry, we try, and last we die
Trod on Earth protected by heaven
Don’t worry my Cinderella
As they talk to god Bacchus
Tasted fruit is sweet, not eaten sweeter
Later she will create a crater of betrayal
But are he is loyal, she is royal.

Happiness (april 2006)

Happiness is not a land far away
It is like a hand you see everyday
Paradise of eternity
A price per dice to enter the city
Kings and slave strive, why? Ask the almighty
Eyes dusty to see the soul
That’s why we receive, bowls of ignorance
It is a thin hem on a garment
Yet strong.
Like a vein transporting blood
But never wrong
Amidst of flood, the life jacket
Amidst of death, the life jacket
To protect, we just need to project,
Our inner eyes, away from illusion, yes passion
Happy land is perfect nation

Life (august 2007)

This life is boring
This life is bowling
The balls without scoring
It is growing
Drawing one destiny
Dawning of reality
Cloning with fantasy
But destiny you yawn
Reality you own

Roof top

It is lonely at the top
Brains smoke like formula one car exhaust
Hitting the roof top
Sitting with proof cop
Stop to reminisce
The journey, the chili pepper tingles.


Rain is coming
Wind is moaning
Fire is burning
A life is humming
Soldiers are fighting
Cultures uniting
The enemies are arming
Moon, soon, monsoon winds
Sun run, Stars shine
War. Peace. Stability. Life force.
a vessel. in the sea.
Only rumors. man is.

MY love(2011 march 13)

It is 2 A.m
Nothing looks the same
All I can do is just whisper her name
Can’t shout my voice is lame
Nothing but darkness, stuck ness in her web
Though the stars try to shine from far
And moon lends a hand
An attempt to light up my soul
Still I have to wait till dawn, on the lawn, alone
For the Sun coz she is my sunshine
I stepped on a landmine
I can’t move my foot, lest it blows
The damage all mine
Like a greedy businessman
I dug the mine
Found the Diamonds,
Like a poor man I beg
Who will tell her she is the almond
I need to break,
For miles
My heart has trekked
With my lips
Many i have pecked
But nothing can compare
To my alter ego
She is an eagle, when she flies
Can someone tell her she is guilty?
But am ready to grant her amnesty

Love is sweet(2011 march 15)

Love is sweet /love is a pit if you fall/
But don’t worry the ground is mattress not a quarry
Let caress you hurry hurry bury
Me in your embrace/I might marry you
Be my empress/I wish I could tenderly press
Your nipple and watch that ripples/the flush
As I explore your rose’s garden/well this coffees dates I wish they were
Followed by thunder and storm, ooh that gooey feeling
How it taketh me the vibration each way free.


Short Bio.

Mwangi Mahugu a.k.a Gas Fyatu is
one of the leading underground rappers in Kenya and a pioneer sheng
writer. He ventured in the hip hop scene in the year 2000, but his
interest started in primary school. He went on to be an active member of Music and Drama clubs and has several certificates for his outstanding performances.

He joined the rap crew Mau Mau camp, who hail from his neighborhood
Dandora Estate, a ghetto in the Eastland’s of Nairobi. What interested
him was the poetry and the choice of music; social conscious music
promoting Love, Peace and Harmony. He soon started to play around with
words, attending freestyles battles.

He teamed up with fellow rappers Zaka & BlackGzas to form the group Moshikali. As a group they released their first single in 200I “Ushapotea ” and went on to
perform in various venues, most notably the Nation TV’s music
program “The Warehouse” since there were no music videos at the time.

The same year while a student at the Kenya Christian Industrial
Training Institute (K.C.I.T.I) studying Computer Science, the college
library opened the world of literature.

He started writing fictions and commentaries and sharing them with
friends. People were very positive and encouraged him to explore his
talent in writing, The Rap monks Kalamashaka approached him to write
profiles for their tour and for websites, word spread in the streets
and another Rap group Mashifta, and other artists joined the wagon.
Gas Fyatu acted as the publicist of the Nairobi Mau Mau Camp and the Mombasa affiliates, Ukooflani mau mau. Later he became the manager of East Africa’s biggest Hip hop movement, Ukoo flani mau mau.

He was doing this voluntary and over the years he has gained vast
experience, street credibility, networks and [a familiarity with] the general atmosphere in the music industry. He continued multi- tasking, college work, writing, releasing singles in the streets, as solo artist and also as a group, while acting as the secretary of the Maono cultural group, an organization helping
young street kids to develop their talents in [Acrobatics], music,
traditional dances, football and capoeira. On the end of 2002 he
graduated with a diploma in computer science, and worked for four
months for Optical technologies and small systems solution firm in

He is a one of the published writers in the East African literary journal, Kwani, 2004 and 2008. Kwani promotes refined literature and Mwas has participated in various literature workshops involving local and international artist; Summer literary Seminar (SLS 2004/5,The East Africa Writers Summit 2006 and continues to be a regular participant of the monthly Kwani Open Mic Sessions, his sheng novel will be out next year.

With Kilio Cha Haki (a cry for justice) an album compilation comprising of
38 rappers from the Eastland’s Nairobi, Gas Fyatu took the skills he had
attained and went on to work as an event organizer, coordinator,
distributior as well as a performing artist. The album was sponsored by
Youth initiative Kenya and a Netherlands organization.

In 2005 He released the chartbuster single “Hustle” recorded at Soul
Child studios, which took the streets by storm. It was a single to inspire
the youth to keeping hustling despite the hardship in the streets. In April he performed with two French Djs, Oil and Sharell, and was the organizer of workshop involving Ukoo flani mau mau. He performed at Carnivore along side Kalamashaka, Mashifta, Gidi Gidi Maji Maji among others, and during the Senegalese Didier Awadi.
Also participating in the “messenger of truth’s concert; Mwangi Mahugu has been in arts scene for a decade.

2009 he was a selected panelist in UN habitat urban arts Summit.
Representing Sauti initiative, his debut mixtape Machimbo archive is
in the streets, last but not least December 2010 he performed at
Ghetto radio Fight Aids initiative along side Kidum and is currently
working on his album dubbed Gas chamber.

He also acts as the East Africa Rise Up project coordinator in Nairobi, a
project uniting musical artists across East Africa. He is also operates an urban
music and literature distribution outlet along Tom Mboya street ,city
centre, Nairobi.


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