ART – Michael Soi


“I’d like to see exhibition openings that are full of black people…Art is being seen as something related to expatriates, tourists… I want to see more black people. To see art being given more emphasis in schools, it’s a career like any other, a career like medicine, like anything else..”
“…A piece of art is not about the end product, it’s about the process…the idea…The whole idea here is about appreciation, and appreciation doesn’t have to be financial.” —Kwani 02

” ‘I thought those people would never be brought to justice so I sent them to The Hague myself,’ Soi, 38 explains, referring to the politicians accused of having been behind the violence that left 1,500 people dead following the disputed 2007 presidential poll.” —Radio Netherlands Worldwide

michael_soi_hague_Express The Hague Express

UPDATE: 7 September 2013. See more of Michael Soi’s work on display on the street.

Michael Soi is an artist living in Nairobi, Kenya. He has worked at Kuona Trust (“kuona,” from the KiSwahili “to see”). You can read more about Michael Soi in Kwani 02. His pieces explore the lifestyles of young people, with a sense of humor. You can find his most recent projects on his facebook group. Check out his artist profile on African Colours and 1, 2. You can also read his take on the Hague and politicians here.

Michael_Soi_Party_Dont_StopParty Don’t Stop

???????????????????????????????The Scramble for Africa – Michael Soi

faces of nairobi faces of Nairobi


prosperitygospel Prosperity Gospel

omari's white christmas 2 omari’s white christmas 2

Michael Soi at Go Down arts center


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